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ABLE’s  2013 Feasibility Study, “ Community Support for People with Epilepsy in Lanarkshire” (see Community Support for People with Epilepsy in Lanarkshire) was  prepared for Lanarkshire Epilepsy Support Group. It is based on a survey which sought the views of those affected by epilepsy, and professionals who had significant contact with people who have the condition. They were asked about the types of community support needed.  A further category of people, a wide cross section of the general public who were not directly affected by epilepsy, were also asked what they knew about the condition.

The study found that there is clearly a major need for the provision of information about epilepsy to all groups but this need for heightened awareness is most pressing among the general public where ignorance about the condition remains profound. People affected by the condition need a properly funded third sector epilepsy support service to back-up the professionals (including epilepsy specialist nurses) to provide services beyond the scope of the NHS which should include help with benefits claims and individual and group support.

We are ready to undertake similar work in support of funding applications by other groups and organisations.


Phil’s PhD  research at Strathclyde University, uncovered hidden reservoirs of potential family and community support often neglected by services designed to help young people who are homelessness. He poses the question of whether a ‘strengths-based’ approach, identifying and working with positive elements in a young persons background could be more effective?

This research informed his book, ‘Working With Young Homeless People’ published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, ISBN 978 1 84310611 1.